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Replace this text with the 'warning' that Zane issues at the start of each show


Write a brief one or two sentence summary of the show.

Cities VisitedEdit

Put the main cities visited here.

Crawl StopsEdit

Write a synopsis of each stop throughout the episode. Include people, restaurants, bars, drinks or other pertinent information about the locales that Zane visits. Separate by days when appropriate. Add links to appropriate places or stops.

The Drink MenuEdit

Create a list of each drink that Zane has, tries, makes, creates, etc. Add links to appropriate websites or pages for drinks, beers, spirits, etc.

  • drink name: ingredients
  • drink name: ingredients, mixing method, how to serve

Hangover Cure?Edit

Most episodes contain a possible cure that Zane tries for a hangover. Comment on what it was and if it worked.

I'll Drink to ThatEdit

*List any funny quotes from the episode

A liitle more help:

  • Categorize the page using: "Three Sheets", Season #, Continent visited, Country visited, Major City visited, State/Province visited (for US and Canada)
  • Add a few appropriate pictures or screen caps as needed.
  • Check out Three Sheets to Belgium for a good example! Have fun.

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